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lawhooo.Com is now laWow.Org - The First Lawsuit Search Engine Designed Specifically for the Public

laWow.Org is the first lawsuit search engine specifically designed to search words and/or phrases and find results based on a crowdsourced search algorithm. The laWow.Org  platform will be a news source for journalists and a resource for stock investors, researchers, employees, and anyone else seeking an unaltered source of information without commentary or opinion, facts only, and never silenced. laWow.Org was financed by Dant Ventures LLC and has since significantly grown its development team.

"We believe public information should be public, but if the government charges fees for access is it really public?"

said Jonathan Wallentine of Dant Ventures.

"I saw a lot of breaking news referring to lawsuits but always had a difficult time finding the actual document.  To me, it seemed like a big "information gap" on the internet… so I set out to solve it"

said Anderson Zou of


laWow.Org recently added 6 categories of lawsuits for the public to just browse - Trending, Stocks, Politics, Employment, Scandal, and Business. The “Factual Background” of each lawsuit is displayed on the lawsuit’s page and the legal document filing is downloadable.


"With lawsuits involving topics like politics, employment and scandal, the content can be jaw-dropping and entertaining to say the least.  But the use cases for are endless… as you'll see," added Zou.  "This public utility is long overdue… an unbiased-facts-only source for information and news is critical now more than ever."

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